KARVELAS & SIA A.V.E.E. is an independent, privately owned company whoch began operating by Mr Dimitriadis & Mr Karvelas in 1996 with its base in Western Greece / Agrinio town.

It is one of the leading trading companies in Greece with a wind range of activities in the sector of animal and agricultural production, possesing leader place in imports and sales of fodders cereals, seed-oils, compound animal feed and animal nutritional additives and also seeds for sowing and fertilizers.

The main policy of our company

  • we always maintain close contact with our customers and suppliers by helping them and find solutions in any problem. Our well-trained professional marketing team is ready at all times to server and cooperate our suppliers and our clients
  • with customer needs increasing as well as the company's effort to provide total solutions (import big quantities in bulk-store and packing the products-deliver them to the customer's area)
  • keeping work dynamically by investing in new products, new markets, new collaborations and of course new production's methods.
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